These are some of the promo-videos i did for some of the digital assets Aller was creating at the time i was there. It was an interesting time to be employed at such a vast magazine-company. They were at that time, and are still to this day, trying to digitalize their company, and exploit the technological opportunities.

As brief, i was given a line of images from the Apps, and was told in what order they should be shown. The transitions and movement was up to me.
Tools used: After Effects CC, Illustrator CC & Photoshop CC

A demonstration for the app, Pling - a platform allowing people to subscribe to their favourite Aller magazines, and read them directly on their phone.

A video highlighting the features of Aller Plus, an app that allows you to get discounts in various stores, win prizes in games and earning plus points from finding hidden scan-able icons in Aller Magazines.

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