These elements were all developed for the TV-Desk department at Aller Media. Different elements: Name Tags, Monitor Backgrounds, Intro Sequence and a V-call frame for when guests are being interviewed or when a video was displayed from the studio. 
They wanted to be able to create a video for each day, from the 1st of December to the 24th of December. Each element had to be developed, so that the editors of the department could modify each episode, from the number of the Calender, to the Christmas elements on each side. Also, they wanted to be able to type in the names for the name tags themselves. So i created these as .MOGRT-files. 
Some of the 3D Christmas-elements were created by our talented Motion Intern, Charmaine McLean.
Tools used: Cinema 4D & After Effects CC

Final Intro to Studio (Green = Alpha)

Showcase of the different Christmas-elements, some of which were created by our Motion Intern

Early Animation Test of Intro (Green = Alpha)

Final Nametag, exported as .MOGRT-file so that the TV-Desk Department can modify the names themselves in Premiere Pro.

V-Call frame

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