These were some of the many spots i created during my internship at Aller. They all highlight a magazine, and some were published every week with the updated content. With all sorts of other daily assignments, this meant we had to be able to get these spots out of the way very quickly. So we created the After-Effect files as sort of our own templates. As an example, this meant "MediaX" could be replaced with the current file, and be updated all the places in the document you need it to.
Tools used: After Effects CC, Audition CC & Cinema 4D

This was a TV spot for the magazine Femina.

This was a "Meny"-spot for the magazine, Mad & Bolig. This means it was running on screens in the grocery stores, Meny, in Denmark. 

This was a TV-spot for the magazine Søndag.

This was a TV-spot for the magazine Se & Hør.

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