This isn't exactly an independant work, rather it is a collection and explanation of my internship at Publicis Media Denmark, which gave me a huge amount of experience and knowledge. From the beginning of my 5-month internship, I took part in the everyday life of the business.
Publicis Media Denmark is a part of the global Publicis Groupe, which in itself is a union between some of the biggest agencies in the world, like Zenith and Starcom. I was mainly handling clients for Zenith and Starcom. Among the regular clients were Burger King, smart, Cloetta, Läkerol and Circle K, the latter i used for my exam project. Primarily, my job was to create content and texts for posts, which ended up on the customers' Facebooks. The communication with the customers was taken cared of by the Account Directors, each given a unique client to handle.
By clicking on either of the images, you will be redirected to the respective clients' Facebook, where you can see other posts, many of which I've made - Primarily from August - December.